A quick request

I want to take in submissions for a book for charity connected with the Merchant Navy. Any ideas on how I can do this and how the book might be published?



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2 responses to “A quick request

  1. Hi Lin…long time sweetie!
    I hope all is well with both Chris and you.
    I was reading through your blog and this topic caught my eye.
    If you need content from sailors in general, I can supply you with
    an endless supply of contacts and content.

    I was up in Tea Gardens yesterday and thought of you guys.
    Take care,
    Tam, Mel & Molly

  2. Thanks Tam,
    This is great news and I will probably look at Lulu for publishing but need to know more about how to do it. I plan with the Administrator to put a writing forum on this web site http://www.merchant-navy.net
    With going to sea myself in my early days, I have become a friend of the site and some of the guys are willing to submit their sea stories.

    I will call upon you if and when it takes off – love to Mel and Molly

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