Searching for an Agent or Publisher

I am looking for someone to publish my novel.  I discovered  that if you are prepared to spend a couple of days on research you could end up with a long list of people t0 whom you could submit your work. Then pick out the ones you want to submit to and do it. Make absolutely sure the first three chapters are in good order and exactly as the publisher requested.  Ensure your synopsis is not a brief outline of the story but encompasses all the story and is not a ‘teaser’ or a piece of blurb that might be long enough to fit on the back of the book.

I always feel it is important to network.  Since being a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association I have discovered that it is possible to meet all the right people for your genre.  I have recently met a number of people who believe they can submit their work over the internet or in the post by finding a web site, checking out the submission guidelines and off they go.  They might wait and wait and wait  – forever- and in the meantime complain they were rejected. It is so important to get in there and market yourself as soon as possible.  Don’t sit and hope that the publisher will come to you soon with that all important letter. Keep submitting.

Last week I was invited to Radio Scilly (the smallest radio station in the world) Scilly is a group of islands off the coast of Cornwall in the UK.  I discussed the trials and tribulations of novel writing with radio presenter Linda Thomas of  The Book Show.  It is this kind of networking you must not be afraid to seek out.  My own plan is to spend the next six months, completing my editing and marketing myself – hence the new blog.

Drive yourself into marketing your book.  Don’t sit back and wait.


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