Welcome to the Real World

So yes, Hello World from a new blog user.  I have to say I have put off blogging for some time, call me old fashioned but the world has caught up with me at last and here I am.

My name is Lin Treadgold. I have lived in The Netherlands since 2002. I am 62 years of age.

During 1971-1977, I travelled the world by sea with the Merchant Navy but later married and now have two grown up children. I became a driving instructor and proprietor of a successful business in the north of England. Over a period of 25 years, I built a reputable training school for the training of driving instructors.

I started writing for my business and have several magazine articles published. My latest after retirement, was in the RNA magazine ‘Romance Matters’ in 2010.  It wasn’t until 2006 I decided to take up writing more seriously and sought help from professionals and published authors to learn more on how to write.  In 1989 I studied a creative writing course with the University of Leeds, but due to pressure in the business I was unable to do anything with this until some years later when I retired early to follow my husband in a new job in Holland. I am a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and feel this is the way forward for me in the future.  ‘Goodbye Henrietta Street’ is my first novel and I have a second novel in progress.  I have spent six years learning the craft of writing.

I have a lot of experience in marketing myself due to owning my own business and would find this a useful skill for my novel.  I have already made contacts with the local businesses on the Isles of Scilly, having visited there many times. A few weeks ago I was invited on to Radio Scilly to talk about my novel and the trials of writing a book.  My novel is set in Whitby Yorkshire and on the islands and the local people are supporting me toward publishing.

My family are from a theatrical background. My mother was a lesser known actress on stage and television. She passed away in November 2010 at the age of 89 and had her own agent as a member of Equity.

In my role as a volunteer I work on a nature reserve in Holland recording the nesting and migrating birds. I also support the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation as a volunteer, saving the habitat of orang-utans through fund raising.

My aim is to have my first novel published and continue to write more books in the future.   With all my life experiences I feel it is important I put them to good use and my wish is to become a published author.



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4 responses to “Welcome to the Real World

  1. Hi Lin, Welcome to the blogworld. It would be good to have some photos of your life in Holland too.

    • Ill do that for you although I only got a camera recently so most of the photos will be about life since May this year. I lost all the rest on the computer when hubby pressed the wrong button in error!

  2. Hello Lin Treadgold,

    The feeling of not ‘belonging’ there is definitely something I can relate to, I am not even sure if I am a writer, as a writer shouldn’t I need to love things like grammar and spelling…?

    I only like to play with thoughts, ideas, concepts or formats and things like that. In the past I have written for small scale publications and even had a few ‘Lucky Shot’ publications in a few Big (Glossy) Magazines in the past. Currently I mainly write on several of my Own Blogs, (you can find links to them near the top of my Writing Lifestyle Blog)

    I also have a Blog about (Digital) Photography.

    All the Best,
    To your Happy – Writing – Inspiration,

    P.S. I also live in Holland btw.

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