A Note From a Small Island

In 1969 I was in Cornwall on a camping trip.  We reached Penzance and decided to take a day trip to the Isles of Scilly.  I remember it was foggy but warm, I think it was August.  We sailed on RMV Scillonian II and arrived around lunchtime.  It was a quiet town (until we got there!) but we had lunch in the fog and could hardly see any scenery at all.  There was something about the place that made me want to return, you couldn’t begin to explain it. I think it was the people, the atmosphere of island life and the delicious ice cream at the dairy.  We only spent about four hours on the island and took a bus trip in the fog.  It was great fun especially with the commentary and jokes about the Scilly Motorway and the wonderful scenery which couldn’t be seen.

A year later I wanted to return to Scilly, there was something calling me back, to see it without the fog. I did return in 1970 to discover  a tropical paradise.  The white beaches, the azure blue sea, a blue only matched by places such as Jamaica and the Seychelles. The palm trees and mesembryanthemum, daisy jewels cascading down the boundary walls.  Tall spikes of agapanthus and the magnificent gardens on the island of Tresco.  … And this is England!

Since those days I have returned many times and , for reasons I can’t explain, I seemed destined to write a romance novel based on Scilly.   At first I thought of a title ‘First and Last Outpost’ because the Isles of Scilly are the last outpost before the coast of the USA.  A couple of years later I changed the title to ‘Goodbye, Henrietta Street‘ a novel set on the islands and in Whitby, Yorkshire, where my character, Pippa Lambton leaves  home for the islands to find respite after a personal tragedy. After meeting with the handsome nature warden Sven Jorgensen, she is left with a dilemma. At the end of her holiday, will Pippa see Sven again when they live 500 miles apart?

This year in 2013 I will return to Scilly.  I have travelled the world in my younger days and seen a lot of life in Africa, the Far East and the USA. I know those who visit  these islands feel the same as I do; you just got to keep coming back.  I remember years ago telling someone I couldn’t understand anyone who went to the same place every year for a holiday.  I have to say that Scilly is exceptional for scenery, wildlife and flowers, but I think perhaps now I do understand.  If you find a place where happiness is overwhelming, why should you want to go anywhere else?

There is a real Henrietta Street in Whitby and I used it for the book.   I met a couple on a boat going to the island of Bryher.  They told me they also go to Whitby for their holidays and guess what?  They always hire a cottage on Henrietta Street!  I knew I had to write this story!   I now hope my book will be a good advert for the tourist board.  My readers can follow the journey of my characters in Cornwall and Yorkshire. Scilly has lost quite a few visitors this June due to the climate of 2013 but they also lost the use of the helicopter service.  The ferry Scillonian III has recently been refurbished and more seats are available. I will signing my novel on 3rd July on board the ship from Penzance to St Mary’s.  I hope you will be travelling with me. My reviewers are telling me I have made the story in Goodbye, Henrietta Street so real they want to visit the islands. http://www.islesofscilly-travel.co.uk/timetable_sc3.asp

Goodbye, Henrietta Street is launched by Safkhet Publishing on 1st July. If you wish to purchase  a copy now, please go to the Amazon web site. http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_0_13?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=lin+treadgold&sprefix=Lin+Treadgold%2Caps%2C197

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  1. Cathy Mayes

    So is the book finished and if so what is the title? I am keen to find books of this kind and set on the Isles.

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