Chris Treadgold finds a Rare Butterfly on The Isles of Scilly

My husband took a picture last week of a butterfly thought to be extinct in the UK.   We were told it was a Comma, but after scrutinising the picture on the screen we realised it was more than that.  Possibly a rare Large Tortoiseshell.  We got some expert advice from Will Wagstaff on the Isles of Scilly and sure enough here is what he said.

‘Yes you were right it is a Large Tortoiseshell. There were at least three records until this year with the first in 1934. I then saw one on St Agnes many years ago. However since you went back we have had another record. This one was in the extension of Lower Moors last Weds. It was found some 20 mins before I was going through on one of my walks. We had just found it when the original finder came back with others. It stayed in the area all afternoon along with three Commas. The one we saw looked more worn that your one so I suppose it could have been the same individual.

Although extinct as a breeding species for some 50 years they do turn up as a vagrant occasionally. I gather there have been several records in Dorset of late.’

Good old hubby eh? It’s the rarity you always wanted to find, to be the first.  I think he was.

QUICK UPDATE – Since the report from Will Wagstaff, we have confirmation that the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust have requested details of the finding for their records



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6 responses to “Chris Treadgold finds a Rare Butterfly on The Isles of Scilly

  1. Hery Lin good find..I heard about this didnt realise you were involved- nice one!

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  3. That’s pretty amazing,

    On one of my other blogs (Digital Camera-ideas about Digital Photography) I frequently write posts about how I make Photo’s for the Stock Photo Catalogue I am working on. On that blog I also have an intersting report about Stock Photography and things like Royalty Free Photo’s and Rights Managed Photo’s an things like that, it looks like the nature of your rare photo looks like a typical photo you can Licence!

    All the Best,
    To your Happy – Writing – Inspiration,

  4. Thanks I will show your comments to my husband – it is he who does the photography. Your Blogspot doesn’t seem to exist.btw. This is comment
    Blog not found
    Unfortunately, the blog you’re looking for does not exist. hphappywriting2 the name is available for registration.

  5. Oops, it appears that I didn’t even spell my own url right.
    (reminds me to possibly write a post about editing services on my blog)
    the initial Idea was to call the domain name HP’s Happy Writing Blogspot, so now the actual url is: I know it’s an unpractical and ‘rare’ url.

    All the Best,
    To your Happy – Writing – Inspiration,

  6. Thanks for the new link – I did find the site very ‘busy’ it might take me a little longer to search through it although I did like the idea of guest posts. Something I might want to do myself too. Are you only keen for guests to write about writing experiences?
    Lin x

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