Submissions to publishers and where to start.

I think now is the time for me to blog on my daily adventures to submitting to publishers.

I have now reached a stage in my writing where I realise six years of writing one book is just taking too long.  Am I afraid to submit it or am I just so intent on getting it right that I’m just not ready?  Someone said to me the other day – ‘for goodness sake – just send it in! ‘  I’m new to this and to help others I thought I would keep a record of my ideas and discoveries during the journey.

I have various contacts through the writers’ conferences I have attended in the last three years.  It’s been difficult for me to make a decision as to when is exactly the right time to send it off.  Timing is important.  With the book awaiting a report from the RNA New Writers’ Scheme I find myself a little bit in limbo.  I want to make any necessary changes.  I mean after all the RNA are the experts in these matters and I would like their advice to see if there is something I could have done better before I send it away.  Then I thought to myself, I know the first three chapters are fine, so if I send it off now, then by the time they manage to look at it, my book will be fully edited.

So here I am in the process of doing just that. I sent two packages to the UK on Saturday and hopefully I will manage to do another one this week.  I feel it’s all about doing this one step at a time.  Check out the internet, use agents and publishers recommended by authors of the same genre.  I’m glad I joined ROMNA the online forum for member of the RNA.  Everyone meets together  to help each other.

It’s very important to read the guidelines thoroughly before submitting.  Do exactly as they ask.  If you have a query – ask them but don’t make it too complicated, use KISS – keep it short and simple.  Write a good biography about yourself.  Don’t trade yourself up too much, say exactly as it is.  If this this is your very first novel – say so.  Write about the trials of getting started and why writing a book is important to you.  Put anything into the Bio that might prove interesting to the publisher.  For example I mentioned about my being in business for 25 years – marketing experience.

In the coming weeks I will keep you informed if any of my submissions prove interesting enough to write about.



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4 responses to “Submissions to publishers and where to start.

  1. Since I don’t have complete novels or nearly complete novels I have worked on for years, I haven’t really done any serious research for finding out about how exactly the (real) Books Publishing Process works.

    (I mainly know a little about doing Publising On Demand, since I happen to have a tiny little eBook that I sell online, that I currently don’t even sell in a printed version.)

    Funny enough I accidently have had some contacts with people working in the Book Publishing Industry some years ago. Since I have had some education in the field of Marketing & Communication, some years ago I have actually interviewd several people working in this field. Amung them was also a PR man from a Radiostation, that I intended to interview about the position he had at the Radiostation, only at the time I did the interview, he had made a carreer switch and wasn’t doing the PR for the Radiostation anymore and had became a Book Publisher. Although I am not sure if it wasn’t just the other way arround, it has been several years ago….,


    Key point is that the interview was a little chaotic because I prepared the interview for an other position than that he actually had at that time, and because of that we talked about both PR and Book Publishing. And I do know that while I was at it and with in the back of my mind thinking about possible future submissions I also collected a few business cards from some of the other publishers only I wouldn’t even know what genre they represented, since it has been so long ago. So I don’t even know if those people still work in publishing and I don’t even know if I still have those business cards….,

    In several other jobs I had I also have been involved in producing Publications myself, so somewhere in the back of my mind I kept some sort of interst in the ‘Publishing Arena’, and in a way I currently actually am somewhat of a Publisher myself with having several Blogs.

    So I do think that for you having been in business for 25 years with Marketing experience can definitely be an advantage. Because just as with the Music Business, I do think that Publishing is a Business. For example as far as I understand in the Publishing Business you probably need to communicate something like;

    ‘Hey hello, I can offer you an opportunity
    to make money from my writing’

    So because of it from a Business Perspective I do think that it can be smart to – especially when they don’t know you – to not directly drop a Complete Novel in their lap. You probably better attempt to ‘Sell’ a ‘Partial’

    As far as I understand a Partial is a little package with a Synopsis, some short background, explainging what the story is about, with possibly some actual chapters written to give them an impression of the ‘Look & Feel’ basically saying something like:

    ‘Hey hello, I do have something that can possibly
    make you Money, what do you think, can we talk about it?
    Do I need a slightly different ‘Look & Feel’ or other emphasises to make it well for the Market you pubish for…? etc. etc. ‘

    Than when they are Enthousiastic and you possibly made a few changes to tailor it to the Market they publish for…, than – Bang – you say: ‘How about this Complete I have for you!’

    Please remind that this is only my take on it, it is only how I – think – that the Business probably works.

    Only to really find out how the Book Publish world works you probably carefully need to read the Book Publishing Trade Magazines and speak to the people that work in that field.

    All the Best,
    To your Happy – Writing – Inspiration,

  2. I honestly believe it’s best to be yourself. Say it as it is. This time I put a very small photo into my Bio. I feel it’s good for the reader to see who this person is. A face is worth a thousand words.Thanks for your helpful comments


    • I also suggest you just Google – publisher – Your genre – and search through their submission guidelines. It’s best to get someone to read it through for you before you send it off and do exactly what the guidelines request. Get your synopsis ready to go and also your Bio. Ask me if you need help
      Lin x

      • Lin you sound to me that you have the patience of a saint and good on you, i have just completed a book that took Ten Years to complete and is 1000 pages, perhaps it will never be published but my satisfaction has already been meet simply because I DID IT. And that to me personally is invaluable. cheers Lin. Regards Tony.

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