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I am presently in the middle of editing 34 chapters of my romance novel.  It’s quite a hard job because you need concentration and lots of peace and quiet to enable you to keep continuity as you edit.  You may have spent too much time describing your character,  you have to watch for show/tell errors, in fact if  there are so many edits required, you might have to do as I did some years ago and scrap the whole book and start again. You are left wondering why you started writing in the first place.  Thank goodness I stuck in, put my head down and got on with the job.  Six years later I have a presentable novel.

In truth I must have written six novels just through editing!  I would be pleased for all my writing colleagues to leave a comment on their experiences in editing.  I think it would be most helpful to everyone who reads this blog to learn from your personal mistakes and how you got through in the end.

Many thanks to everyone who contributes.

Just a little footnote added on 11 November.

I am almost there now, BUT I used to teach adults and we taught discovery learning.  I love this method, the information goes in much deeper than being told what to do.  I might have taken six years to write my first novel but the method of discovery learning has provided me with a much better understanding of the methods and skills needed to write a book.

For those of you who want to know how it works – it’s the art of just doing something, discovering how it works and to see if you can find a way of making it work better on your own.  In a way you don’t need a teacher to tell you what to do – but you will need a mentor to provide the benefit of their experiences.



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