Do Computers Make you Fat?

The simple answer to this question is an obvious ‘NO’. I don’t think I need to further the reasons but I do want to talk about it and ask for comments on this subject.  I have to admit since the advent of the computer certain members my family are suffering at the hands of obesity, including myself.  Okay, I am not morbidly obese but it’s not helping my arthritis, fibromyalgia and confidence. We eat all the ‘right foods’ we are classed as healthy eaters.  We have to be because my husband has diabetes, caused through a strong genetic trait in the family. We just spend a lot more time sitting down than we ever did and it has to stop.

We all know that being obese is caused by lack of exercise and too much food.  I am of the age where my life was once without computers and we only had television.  We used to go for walks on the moors, I used to go to exercise classes and have fun with friends.  Since the advent of the computer, we are constantly sitting by it, looking for e-mails, and writing messages on Twitter and Facebook.  It has become a way of life. An obsession.  When I go on holiday, I notice without this facility things change. So I ask again do computers make you fat?  Yes they do!  I get slimmer and fitter on holiday. I do more things and therefore more exercise.

I remember when my son was slim and as computers came into the schools, it was kind of ‘hip’ to have a home computing system at that time; I noticed his weight gained.  No matter how much I tried to tell him, and kids being what they are, they don’t listen.  I even attempted to switch off the computer and allow so much time on it. Of course, I caused a dreadful row and things didn’t get any better.  Over the years, other family members have put on weight and my son went to University and gained more weight whilst studying a computer course.  This might have been due to the student lifestyle and eating junk food and living a student hand to mouth existence, but the exercise regime went out of the window.  Whenever we met – one of us was on the computer!

I spend many hours sitting writing my book and over the last six years, I found myself suffering in pain with fibromyalgia.  If I had the mind to exercise more I would improve, there is no doubt.  I discovered this again during a holiday.  To me, my computer dominates my whole life.  I have to balance my lifestyle, otherwise I will die sooner!

See this recent article

Computers make you fat

Claims sylph-like Baroness
Wed May 13 2009, 12:39

A DIET of computers makes people fat, according to the stunningly slim Baroness Susan Greenfield.

While eating computers might not be on many readers’ menus, as the metal bits play havoc with your fillings, the Baroness claims the way to lose weight is to stop looking at them.

She thinks that computer games, the Internet and social networking sites may be promoting obesity by changing the way the brain works.

Lady Greenfield said that while a child who falls out of a tree will quickly learn not to repeat the mistake, someone who goes wrong on a computer game will just keep playing.

This teaches them lessons such as if I eat too much it will be okay as I can always restart my life later if I save it now, apparently.

Using computers also leads to a cutting down of attention spans and imagination, she told the wildly imaginative and creative Telegraph. µ

Source: The Inquirer (

And see this lengthy article on the subject



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4 responses to “Do Computers Make you Fat?

  1. Ken Preston

    Computers don’t make us fat, sitting down in a nice warm house, and consuming too many calories, even healthy ones, makes us fat. Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man, etc, had a desk built at waist height, so he stood at work all day. In his words, he did this to ‘prevent developing writer’s gut.’ He’s 89 now, and still going strong!
    I sympathise with your husband. I work in a hospital, and have spent a lot of time with people with diabetes.
    Get out on those moors again! Any time spent outdoors walking will offset that time spent sat in front of computer, etc. It is difficult, though, as modern life encourages us to seek comfort inside, in front of the goggle box. Don’t give up on seeking a healthy lifestyle, though!

    • Hi Ken

      Thanks for the comment. I wish we could get out on the Moors again. We live in Holland and its as flat as a… I have just bought a trainer to turn my pushbike into an exercise bike for the winter. I’m thinking of putting it into my office to pedal and compute at the same time! Pity I can’t wire it up and pedal to keep the computer switched on.


  2. Ken Preston

    That’s a good idea. If we all had to power our houses by body movement, we would move a lot more, I think!
    Keep writing and…moving! 🙂

  3. Tanks for your post Lin,

    As you can see in my post titled:
    I don’t alway’s – Sit- behind my computer,
    and I frequently Excersise, as you can read all about on my
    – Healthy Lifestyle – Blog.

    P.S. Btw. I do (pre) sell ‘Writing Chairs’ on my – Writer’s Lifestyle – Blog, at leasty they are ‘Dynamic’ also and you can ‘Spin them Around’ 🙂

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