Italian Meets Authors

When members and friends of the Romantic Novelists’ Association met for lunch in York on 22 March 2103, we weren’t sure if everyone could make it.  That morning the snow came down yet again and I waited at Jamie’s Italian Restaurant with some anxiety as to whether or not the event was going to be disppointing.  Oh ye of little faith!  Within half an hour and wearing boots and warm coats, the girls arrived by train and car. The day before, it had been a rough ride for me on the ferry from Holland. Janice Cairns came all the way from Scotland with hubby Archie. Author, Jean Fullerton spent a couple hours on the train from London. York is a very good venue for those living at opposite ends of the country.

In times such as these, it’s so refreshing to know that the RNA ladies never let you down!  It was an amazing afternoon, with people we had all either met before or for the first time through the internet.  Networking is so important, even in this most casual of environments.  The food was amazing and I hope we can do it again next year.  I want to thank all those who made the effort in the awful weather. The event was a huge success.

Below are L-R Shirley Dickson, Hazel Osmond and Christine Marples


York Racecourse at 10am that morning


In the  foreground are writers Lynda Stacey and  Angela Wren.  Background is author, Sylvia Broady, Chrissie Bradshaw, and soon to be published with Safkhet Publishing, Janice Cairns.


L-R Alexandra Weston, Jane Lovering, Samantha Yagiz,  Jean Fullerton,  and Julie Heslington.



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7 responses to “Italian Meets Authors

  1. Hi Lin
    Julie here (bottom pic). It was a lovely afternoon. Thanks so much for organising and posting the pics (although I’m glad I’m on a bootcamp/weight loss regime now judging by the sight of me!) Was lovely to meet everyone – published and aspiring – and make some new friends.

  2. I know how that feels at the moment. I am doing the same. Good luck and it was lovely to meet you too x x

  3. Angela

    Hi, it was a great day, brill conversation and good food. It was really good to catch up with people I hadn’t seen for a while and great to make new friends. Thanks Lin for organising everything and can’t wait for next years event!!

  4. Janicecairns

    It is lovely to see the photos from the writer’s lunch. For me this was really special because I had never before attended a writer’s lunch. I am so glad I went, I had a great day out chatting with all the other writers and enjoying some tasty Italian food. Archy enjoyed the lunch too! Thank you so much Lin for organising the day and being so inspirational. I would also like to take another opportunity to wish you much success with your current book and your book tour as well as the writing you do in the future.


  5. It was a wonderful lunch! Thank you for organising it, Lin, I really enjoyed getting to meet and chat with like-minded people.

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