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A History of Goodbye, Henrietta Street

9781908208149 - Goodbye Henrietta Street covAt last my novel is ready to go!  It’s been a long haul for me since last October when Safkhet Publishing gave me the green light to have my book published.  We decided to wait until July, because I already had my 2013 summer holiday booked a few weeks before I accepted their offer. As the story is based on the Isles of Scilly in Cornwall and I happened to be going there anyway, this was a great opportunity to organise book events on the islands.  My publisher (Safkhet Publishing, London)  we felt it was worth hanging on until July, as the book was written as a summer read and would blend well with the season.

Everyone on the Isles of Scilly is very special to me.  From the time I first visited in 1969 I fell head over heels in love with the place.  July will be my 14th visit and I always want to return every two years or so. Scilly has everything for the person who wants to chill out.  In today’s world of stress, strain and injury, I feel I needed a small corner of the world in which to sit back and take stock for another year.  I have made many friends on Scilly and each one of them has supported the concept of a romance novel to be written about the islands.  My idea was to produce a holiday read for the tourists; it’s the kind of book you can enjoy anywhere. A recent review from one of my pre-publication reviewers wrote the following words from the blog of

Lin Treadgold is able to weave so much into this story, keeps everything completely real and very poignant. The writing is phenomenal. The characters are great. Sven was super hot! You pretty much know what is going to happen but it is the HOW everything happens and then the how everything is pulled together that makes this such a good read. Definitely a plus for any romance lovers out there. Just make sure you’re ready for some tears, have the tissues at the ready!

For those who don’t know about the islands, they say you should put them on the top ten list of things to do before you die.  I started writing the book about ten years ago, but the idea came to me in about 1987 when a couple of friends from Austria came to Scilly and we stayed at a holiday house on The Garrison, St Mary’s.   My friend’s husband  told me I had to write this book, he said ‘do it now in case one day you find you can’t’.  I heeded his advice and wrote a novel, he later passed away, but in his memory I wrote the book.

I think I always wanted to be a writer, but didn’t know how to begin until someone said ‘Lin!  Just do it!’ There was no point in procrastinating any longer.  I had retired and needed a new lease of life.  The old adage – ‘write about what you know’, came to mind.  I knew a lot about the islands and also places in Yorkshire too; I wanted to connect the two together . I know some people from the Isles of Scilly who spend their holidays in Whitby, Yorkshire another location for the book.   I felt the idea wasn’t such a remote one after all. To  find out how this is done, you will have to read the story …

Scilly is the kind of place you never forget. The scenery is incredible; around every corner is something marvellous.  The people are icons of the island.  The way they speak, the jobs they have to do and of course Scilly isn’t always sun and palm trees, they have to contend with the weather in winter like the rest of us, except the temperature rarely drops below zero.  The winters can be depressing for the islanders, but somehow they make the most of what they have. Food has to be brought in with the freighter and we are reminded during those times how vulnerable the islands can be especially for the wildlife.

My advice to anyone who wants a change in their lives.  Write a book and work your hardest to get it published.  You won’t regret it because you can have the time of your life.  I am a member of the Romantic Novelists’s Association and the Society of Authors.  The RNA has events in the UK and they will provide me with a chance to do well in the future.  Networking with other authors is so important.  I started off not knowing anything about writing and through the years I have learned so much more.

Goodbye, Henrietta Street  is available on Amazon for the publication date of 1st July, get ready to download and order your copy soon.

Main characters are:

Pippa Lambton from Whitby, Yorkshire.

Sven Jorgensen from Norway

Rob Lambton, Pippa’s estranged husband in Whitby.

Terry Marshall  – Pippa and Rob’s childhood friend in Whitby

Joan Marshall, Terry’s wife and close friend of Pippa

So how are they all connected being 500 miles apart?  Find out when you read the story.



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A History of Radio Scilly

I shall soon be promoting my novel on the Isles of Scilly and have been invited once again to review a book on The Book Programme on Thursday 11 July at noon BST. Listen Live to Radio Scilly

I was searching through the Radio Scilly web site to discover a history of the radio station. I thought you might like to share it with me, its a fascinating story – For further information go to

Quote from a History of Radio ScillyRadio Scilly

Radio Scilly is the world’s smallest professional radio station. We started life in 1998 when Keri Jones started organising a month-long trial broadcast from a room in the Star Castle Hotel. The plan was to ‘test the water’ to see whether there was demand for a radio station for Scilly.

After a particularly boozy night, some volunteers, who will rename nameless as some of them are now in responsible positions in our community, decided to crash out in the double bed in the  ‘studio bedroom’. Keri broadcast the morning show from that bedroom the next day complete with snoring in the background. Mike Collier, who was the Coastguard then, came in to read the weather at 7am and commented on the number of feet protruding from beneath the duvet but seemed to take the whole surreal experience in his stride.  Read on… it’s fascinating! Please go to the web site to read more

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Follow the Characters in the Book

Click on to this link for the Isles of Scilly trail.  Follow Pippa and Sven as they make their way around these wonderful islands.  I am going there on 3rd July.





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A Visit from Author, Anne Stenhouse


Today I have invited first time novelist, Anne Stenhouse, who is a performed playwright and has also published short fiction and articles. Anne is based in Scotland and began to write novels with a serious view to publication about six years ago. By joining the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers’ Scheme, she took up their challenge of producing one book a year for reading by a novelist published in her genre. That floated around but is now firmly anchored in Historical romance.

Anne says:
MARIAH’S MARRIAGE started life in the New Voices first chapter competition of Mills & Boon and after visiting with one or two others, was picked up by MuseItUp of Canada. It was e-published by them on 3rd May and is available from their bookshop, from Amazon and from Barnes and Noble. Links below.
Anne has dropped by to share some Monday thoughts and a short extract from Mariah’s Marriage. She has a blog, Novels Now, and the link for that is also below.

Thanks for inviting me to visit, Lin.
My Monday thoughts are always full of how much I’m going to get done in the coming week. My Friday thoughts might reflect on why the list is still the same length although I spent the whole week chasing my tail. This week, I’m really, really going to start the new work in the right place and re-order the words already written.
Let me explain. There were two characters in Mariah’s Marriage who stayed with me after the book was completed. The lovely Judy Roth, my copy editor, made me understand their story more thoroughly and that process has lifted them from being just the sub-plot to rather important in my head.
Because they were in the earlier book, I thought I should begin in a follow-on fashion, but I now think I need to go back in time a bit and tell some of their story as a parallel to Mariah and Tobias.
I’m beginning to have superstitious shivers so won’t say any more. Here’s a wee taster of Mariah’s story.

Mariahs Marriage

Mariah reached out to catch the side of a screen. Instantly, her hand was
covered by a larger one. Tobias, she knew without looking. Comforting warmth
drove out the cold of shock and she gasped. How she had ached for his touch while
she lay prostrate. Now the moment was spoiled by a room pulsing with anger and
the frustrated hopes of others.
“Good morning, Mariah,” he said. “I am glad to see that your indisposition has
been relieved.”
She bridled at the words whispered into her ear because he was telling her that
he knew exactly what had caused her indisposition. How could he ignore the
allegations being made about him in order to chastise her?
“It may return at any moment, sir, when I am overcome by the scent of so
many blooms,” she said. His low chuckle inflamed her temper but he was moving
away from her and she took a seat as far away from the main group as possible.
The earl bowed to Jerome. “Sir, I would be glad to meet your relatives.”

For further details about Anne and forthcoming Maytime Blog Tour:


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The Most Awesome LIVE Book Tour—Ever!

I am delighted to announce that I will be touring Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly on the following dates for the tour of Goodbye, Henrietta Streetthe Isles of Scilly’s new romance novel. Your holiday read.

The book is to be released on 1st July 2013 but can be ordered now on Amazon on this link  The book is now available to download on your Kindle.

Please do come and say ‘hello’ and I will sign my novel for you. It’s all about location and this has to be the most wonderful place to do a book signing, whilst looking out into the blue ocean with bobbing boats and warm summer breezes!

2 July Edge of the World Bookshop – PENZANCE from 1.30pm

3 July MV Scillonian to the Isles of Scilly – Come and buy a copy of your holiday read and have it signed by the author


9 July IOS Tourist Information Office, Hugh Street, St Mary’s.

10 July Fraggle Rock Cafe BRYHER

11 July Radio Scilly, The Book Programme with Linda Thomas 12 noon.

12 July North Farm Gallery ST MARTINS, IOS from 1.30 p.m.

13 July Juliet’s Garden Restaurant, ST MARY’S from 1.30pm

16 July Tresco Abbey Gardens  at the shop, TRESCO from approx 11am  A fabulous venue in the height of the season.

17 July Old Town Cafe, Old Town St Mary’s from 11am

18 July The Turks Head pub ST AGNES, IOS,IN AID OF THE SHAH GIG BOAT – FUND RAISER.  From around 11am onwards.



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Review of Goodbye, Henrietta Street from Author, Sheryl Browne

Author, Sheryl Brown, as part of my blog tour, has a review of my book, Goodbye, Henrietta Street on her web site.  Thanks Sheryl, glad you enjoyed reading it and let’s hope I get more fans as the year progresses.

Sheryl says:

The scenery on Scilly and attention to detail vis-à-vis wildlife and conservation is beautifully done. Lin Treadgold has obviously done a tremendous amount of research.  The questions are all answered, the overriding one being can Pippa let go her guilt and her grief and find happiness, yet still hold her son’s memory intact in her heart.

Goodbye, Henrietta Street is a thoroughly enjoyable read.I have to admit, if I thought I’d find a gorgeous Viking in the shape of Sven waiting, I’d be packing my bags and hopping aboard the Scillonion ferry in a flash.Loved it.

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