A Visit from Author, Anne Stenhouse


Today I have invited first time novelist, Anne Stenhouse, who is a performed playwright and has also published short fiction and articles. Anne is based in Scotland and began to write novels with a serious view to publication about six years ago. By joining the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers’ Scheme, she took up their challenge of producing one book a year for reading by a novelist published in her genre. That floated around but is now firmly anchored in Historical romance.

Anne says:
MARIAH’S MARRIAGE started life in the New Voices first chapter competition of Mills & Boon and after visiting with one or two others, was picked up by MuseItUp of Canada. It was e-published by them on 3rd May and is available from their bookshop, from Amazon and from Barnes and Noble. Links below.
Anne has dropped by to share some Monday thoughts and a short extract from Mariah’s Marriage. She has a blog, Novels Now, and the link for that is also below.

Thanks for inviting me to visit, Lin.
My Monday thoughts are always full of how much I’m going to get done in the coming week. My Friday thoughts might reflect on why the list is still the same length although I spent the whole week chasing my tail. This week, I’m really, really going to start the new work in the right place and re-order the words already written.
Let me explain. There were two characters in Mariah’s Marriage who stayed with me after the book was completed. The lovely Judy Roth, my copy editor, made me understand their story more thoroughly and that process has lifted them from being just the sub-plot to rather important in my head.
Because they were in the earlier book, I thought I should begin in a follow-on fashion, but I now think I need to go back in time a bit and tell some of their story as a parallel to Mariah and Tobias.
I’m beginning to have superstitious shivers so won’t say any more. Here’s a wee taster of Mariah’s story.

Mariahs Marriage

Mariah reached out to catch the side of a screen. Instantly, her hand was
covered by a larger one. Tobias, she knew without looking. Comforting warmth
drove out the cold of shock and she gasped. How she had ached for his touch while
she lay prostrate. Now the moment was spoiled by a room pulsing with anger and
the frustrated hopes of others.
“Good morning, Mariah,” he said. “I am glad to see that your indisposition has
been relieved.”
She bridled at the words whispered into her ear because he was telling her that
he knew exactly what had caused her indisposition. How could he ignore the
allegations being made about him in order to chastise her?
“It may return at any moment, sir, when I am overcome by the scent of so
many blooms,” she said. His low chuckle inflamed her temper but he was moving
away from her and she took a seat as far away from the main group as possible.
The earl bowed to Jerome. “Sir, I would be glad to meet your relatives.”

For further details about Anne and forthcoming Maytime Blog Tour:




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2 responses to “A Visit from Author, Anne Stenhouse

  1. Lovely excerpt, Anne – I’m really looking forward to getting into this book!

  2. Hullo Ros, it’s a really exciting moment when you have the characters in a new book limbering up before your eyes. Hope you enjoy. Anne

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