A History of Radio Scilly

I shall soon be promoting my novel on the Isles of Scilly and have been invited once again to review a book on The Book Programme on Thursday 11 July at noon BST. Listen Live to Radio Scilly  http://www.radioscilly.com/listen-watch/watch-live/

I was searching through the Radio Scilly web site to discover a history of the radio station. I thought you might like to share it with me, its a fascinating story – For further information go to http://www.radioscilly.com/about-us/history-of-radio-scilly/

Quote from a History of Radio ScillyRadio Scilly

Radio Scilly is the world’s smallest professional radio station. We started life in 1998 when Keri Jones started organising a month-long trial broadcast from a room in the Star Castle Hotel. The plan was to ‘test the water’ to see whether there was demand for a radio station for Scilly.

After a particularly boozy night, some volunteers, who will rename nameless as some of them are now in responsible positions in our community, decided to crash out in the double bed in the  ‘studio bedroom’. Keri broadcast the morning show from that bedroom the next day complete with snoring in the background. Mike Collier, who was the Coastguard then, came in to read the weather at 7am and commented on the number of feet protruding from beneath the duvet but seemed to take the whole surreal experience in his stride.  Read on… it’s fascinating! Please go to the web site to read more http://www.radioscilly.com/about-us/history-of-radio-scilly/


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