A History of Goodbye, Henrietta Street

9781908208149 - Goodbye Henrietta Street covAt last my novel is ready to go!  It’s been a long haul for me since last October when Safkhet Publishing gave me the green light to have my book published.  We decided to wait until July, because I already had my 2013 summer holiday booked a few weeks before I accepted their offer. As the story is based on the Isles of Scilly in Cornwall and I happened to be going there anyway, this was a great opportunity to organise book events on the islands.  My publisher (Safkhet Publishing, London)  we felt it was worth hanging on until July, as the book was written as a summer read and would blend well with the season.

Everyone on the Isles of Scilly is very special to me.  From the time I first visited in 1969 I fell head over heels in love with the place.  July will be my 14th visit and I always want to return every two years or so. Scilly has everything for the person who wants to chill out.  In today’s world of stress, strain and injury, I feel I needed a small corner of the world in which to sit back and take stock for another year.  I have made many friends on Scilly and each one of them has supported the concept of a romance novel to be written about the islands.  My idea was to produce a holiday read for the tourists; it’s the kind of book you can enjoy anywhere. A recent review from one of my pre-publication reviewers wrote the following words from the blog of  www.myseryniti.wordpress.com

Lin Treadgold is able to weave so much into this story, keeps everything completely real and very poignant. The writing is phenomenal. The characters are great. Sven was super hot! You pretty much know what is going to happen but it is the HOW everything happens and then the how everything is pulled together that makes this such a good read. Definitely a plus for any romance lovers out there. Just make sure you’re ready for some tears, have the tissues at the ready!

For those who don’t know about the islands, they say you should put them on the top ten list of things to do before you die.  I started writing the book about ten years ago, but the idea came to me in about 1987 when a couple of friends from Austria came to Scilly and we stayed at a holiday house on The Garrison, St Mary’s.   My friend’s husband  told me I had to write this book, he said ‘do it now in case one day you find you can’t’.  I heeded his advice and wrote a novel, he later passed away, but in his memory I wrote the book.

I think I always wanted to be a writer, but didn’t know how to begin until someone said ‘Lin!  Just do it!’ There was no point in procrastinating any longer.  I had retired and needed a new lease of life.  The old adage – ‘write about what you know’, came to mind.  I knew a lot about the islands and also places in Yorkshire too; I wanted to connect the two together . I know some people from the Isles of Scilly who spend their holidays in Whitby, Yorkshire another location for the book.   I felt the idea wasn’t such a remote one after all. To  find out how this is done, you will have to read the story …

Scilly is the kind of place you never forget. The scenery is incredible; around every corner is something marvellous.  The people are icons of the island.  The way they speak, the jobs they have to do and of course Scilly isn’t always sun and palm trees, they have to contend with the weather in winter like the rest of us, except the temperature rarely drops below zero.  The winters can be depressing for the islanders, but somehow they make the most of what they have. Food has to be brought in with the freighter and we are reminded during those times how vulnerable the islands can be especially for the wildlife.

My advice to anyone who wants a change in their lives.  Write a book and work your hardest to get it published.  You won’t regret it because you can have the time of your life.  I am a member of the Romantic Novelists’s Association and the Society of Authors.  The RNA has events in the UK and they will provide me with a chance to do well in the future.  Networking with other authors is so important.  I started off not knowing anything about writing and through the years I have learned so much more.

Goodbye, Henrietta Street  is available on Amazon for the publication date of 1st July, get ready to download and order your copy soon.

Main characters are:

Pippa Lambton from Whitby, Yorkshire.

Sven Jorgensen from Norway

Rob Lambton, Pippa’s estranged husband in Whitby.

Terry Marshall  – Pippa and Rob’s childhood friend in Whitby

Joan Marshall, Terry’s wife and close friend of Pippa

So how are they all connected being 500 miles apart?  Find out when you read the story.




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  1. We really enjoy the posts on this blog, so much so that we have nominated it for an award. Please check out the link to the Leibster award at http://thewriteromantics.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/800/

  2. Unfortunately due to the timing of this event I am unable to participate. Thanks for inviting me.

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