Back to Work

This is just a short piece of blog this week after being on the Isles of Scilly for a month doing my book tour.  It was an amazing success and I cannot thank the people of Scilly enough for their kindness and willingness to do everything they can to welcome their visitors to the island.  I vote Scilly as being one of the happiest places in the world.

So I came home to a pile of ironing and a new attitude to life.  Unfortunately this has been slightly marred by a dose of shingles.  One of those nasty  little viruses that lingers in the body for years after a dose of chicken-pox.

I hope to be posting some great pictures soon of my book tour and when I am feeling up to it I will write something more interesting for everyone to read.  Apologies that my normal run of blog writing hasn’t been up to its usual standard, but travelling doesn’t make it easy, so I took some time out and will be back soon. I note that everyone is on holiday anyway.  My husband said his office is like a morgue and there aren’t so many cars on the road travelling to work.  So he gets home early each evening.

If anyone wants to ask me to do an interview for their blog I would be happy to do so.

I am going to the York Festival of Writing in September and will also be posting another amazing live book tour in Yorkshire.  Give me a few days. Let’s hope this virus calms itself soon.


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