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Ambition to Reality with Mansu Edwards

           Following on from my ‘Around the World’ interviews I would like to welcome author and poet, Mansu Edwards who lives in the USA and  self-publishes his poetry. Mansu has written and published several books and I was keen to know more about his ambitions as a poet and author. I first met him through; he is a keen contributor to the forum. Enjoy reading about how ambitions can turn to reality.

Mansu Edwards

Mansu Edwards

       Perhaps you would tell us about your academic career and how you came to write poetry.

 I majored in Media Arts in college. The courses included Screenwriting, Film Studies, Lighting, Media Aesthetics, Journalism, etc. I selected Media Arts because I enjoyed writing and thought that screenwriting would be a good fit. It would allow me to use my imagination. I began to write poetry during my junior year. An AOL user from Pennsylvania inspired me. We wrote rhymes back and forth using the Instant Message feature.

 I gather from the information I received, you are self-published.  Can you tell us about your journey and decisions to go down that road. Did you search for a publisher first or did you decide to self publish from the start?

I’m an Independent Entrepreneurial Imagionationist.  I decided to take my career in my own hands because of the exorbitant Vanity Publisher fees. The company contacted me because of poetry I submitted to the Library of Congress. After severing ties with the Vanity Publisher I chose new material and mixed it with some of the old entries. Also, I changed the title of the book to ‘The Disappearance Of Hate’.

Biscuits and Yogurt

Biscuits and Yogurt Vol 1

 How have you benefited from writing poetry?  What does poetry do for you?

 I received monetary compensation from selling it in the streets, festivals, online and at work. This process made me appreciative and humble. It made me know that God gave me this gift for a reason.

 How would you describe your genre?

My writing focuses on internal growth and the art of thinking. I use various themes such as relationships, food, humor, psychology, sci-fi and sociology. I go with my gut feeling. Who knows my next book could be a Western? I don’t want to place boundaries on my writing.

 Which author/poet inspires you most and why?

 James Allen inspires me. He wrote ‘As A Man Thinketh’. It’s concise and inspirational. It’s the concept of seeds producing positive or negative circumstances.

 Tell me about your work, ‘The Disappearance of Hate?’ What is this book about and how has it helped others?

 ‘The Disappearance Of Hate’, a collection of poetry that takes the reader on a journey from self hate and negativity to empowerment and freedom.

 Why do you feel it is so important to inspire others?

It’s very important, because a person or thing always influences us. It can push toward growth and fulfilment or destruction and chaos. I focus on positive inspiration. I want people to break mental boundaries to achieve internal and external successes. When we improve the world improves as well.

 How many books have you written up to 2013 and could you please describe each one in no more than twenty words?

 I’ve written five books:

1. The Disappearance of Hate- A collection of poetry that explores the human psyche.

 2. Mental Diet- An inspirational cookbook of fictional recipes to empower people. Some of the recipes include ‘Stress Free Mac And Cheese’, ‘Unstoppable Baked Wingettes’ and ‘Turkey Burger Success Deluxe.

 3. Vertical Algebra — Success quotes from Black Englishman Sir Kedcuv Rhineclavu IV translated by Mansu Edwards and a Crater Rock Alien from Mars.

 4. B.A.Y. Vol. 1- Preview for ‘Biscuits And Yogurt Vol is an E-book. It contains ‘The Story of the Wouldve’s’ and ‘The Chair’.

 5. ‘Biscuits and Yogurt Vol. 1’ is a satirical self-esteem handbook/E-handbook of short stories, poetry, and various forms of writing. The entries include ‘A Day in the Life of Brigsby Lasker- a Blog by Brigsby Lasker’, ‘Marketing/Assistant Needed in Small Office- Soho’, ‘Schedule of a Professional Failure’ and ‘The Graduate Funeral’. 6. ‘Peruvian Calligraphy’ is an E-book of short stories exploring male and female interactions.

 Do you think poetry is more popular than ever or do you think we need to create more awareness that poetry is a good thing for the mind and soul?

I think it’s popular because there are so many poetry groups on Meetup. There are still spots in the city ‘Nuyorican Poets Cafe’, ‘Bowery Poetry Club’ and ‘The Five Spot’.

 Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time? You have stepped outside the traditional book writer box once before. Is this present genre likely to change or have you finally found your future as a poetic writer?

I see myself writing more books and starting several companies. I’m not sure which direction I will go as a writer. I know that I will continue to push the boundaries of writing. My goal is to be innovative, creative and follow my heart. I leave everything in the Lord’s hands.

 Tell me more about your current work in progress and what you hope to achieve.

I was working on a novel entitled ‘W.B.’ It’s different than my previous books/Ebooks. I don’t want to talk too much about it because it’s still in the early stages.

A copy of  ‘Biscuits And Yogurt Vol. 1’ and ‘Peruvian Calligraphy’ E-book can be obtained from my blog .

 Thanks Lin for having me.

Thank you, Mansu, for a very interesting interview and I wish you every success for the future.

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