Don’t Listen to Old Wives’ Tales

My blog has been dormant for a while, but I have a good excuse as I have been in hospital having a knee operation. Recently, I seem to have interviewed everyone else and not paying enough attention to my own promotions. The problem is, when you are in a lot of pain, sitting down at the computer for long periods, it becomes tedious. I won’t say I am back to normal again, but let’s hope with the onset of Spring and Summer, life will once again take a new turn and the pain will subside; I am improving.

Living in the Netherlands has not been easy for me. I attended the RNA Winter Party in 2013, I visited my daughter in York a few weeks ago, and now I shall be going to the UK again for the RNA Summer Party, a first for me.  However, I do expect that within two years, the cost for all these visits will be saved and my life will change. This week we put our house, in The Netherlands, up for sale. I have lived here for the last thirteen years and due to my husband’s retirement, we shall return to live in England once again. Book signing events in the UK will  be much easier when I return.

Safkhet Authors in York






Sakfhet authors meet at York, (L) Marilyn Chapman, Angela Welford, (that’s me on the right) Rear, Irene Soldatos.

The life here in Holland is interesting. I now speak Dutch and enjoyed learning about the culture, but there are things we miss. I was born in North Yorkshire and the moors and hills are part of my life.  Holland is very flat and the scenery seems to go on forever without interruption. We miss having a cup of coffee with a neighbour and meeting up with an old friend in town.  The Netherlands is very different when you live here. It is time to make some positive changes and return to the old country to speak our own language. I look forward to being able to have the freedom to catch a train to a meeting or avail myself for radio interviews and so on.

My next book is in progress and I hope before the end of this year it will be ready for submission. The Tanglewood Affair is a fast-paced romantic saga and  soon I shall be able to tell you more about it. The story is  set in Dorset and is probably the place to which I shall retire. Unfortunately, I have no  family left in Yorkshire.  My daughter will move in the future and we will live our retirement in the south of England and have a completely new lifestyle.

I enjoy writing; it is most therapeutic. It has taught me a lot about the person I would like to be. I have also found a routine for writing a book and it seems to work well. It’s very simple really. I start at a given point; it doesn’t matter if it’s awful, you can take out the awful bits, but when you do, you should have something to build on. Many writers find it hard to ‘begin’. I don’t pay too much heed any more about what I write and how I write it and where it starts. I can always fix it through editing and build on those ideas. I allow my subconscious to tell the story. It’s surprising what’s inside that brain of mine!

Writing is all about enjoying yourself. All the rules and regulations I read on various web sites, forums, where well meaning people place their comments about writing and say what you should or shouldn’t do. It’s a bit like listening to old wives’ tales and it can scare you to death. New writers need a lot of confidence building which can take many years. I came from a business background and learned through my training what to listen to and what to dismiss.   For me it’s a ‘letting go’ exercise and building on my inner thoughts and feelings and past experiences and allowing the brain to speak for itself. I think it’s what makes the best stories. Be yourself and let your characters lead the way and tell the story. I tend to become the character and stay in his/her head all the way through a chapter. Once the story is written I can then go on to check the show/tell concept and the usual grammar errors.  I also have  excellent editors who help me though the areas I couldn’t ‘see’. I don’t try too hard and I fit in my writing time whenI feel like it which is usually in the daytime when the brain isn’t tired. I think you shouldn’t rush your story and be as real as possible in your dialogue; don’t make it hard for yourself.

Your copy of Goodbye, Henrietta Street can be ordered in paperback and e-book.  Enjoy your holiday read about Pippa and Sven’s friendship on The Isles of Scilly. A forbidden romance with all the beauty of island life.  Will one kiss change everything?

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