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When Your Publisher Changes Tack…

Okay, I may not have posted on my blog for a few weeks, but I have been trying to sort out a change of plan.  My publisher informed me they can no longer supply me with a print version of my book. The company had changed their policies and were moving on to digital only, under a different  side-step guise in Germany.   Yes I was disappointed, downright annoyed when first I heard about it, but life goes on and sometimes disappointments can change into something better.  You have to move on. I admit, however,  it has felt as if I was a first time writer looking for a publisher all over again and I was left wondering what to do next.

Due to the fact that my novel has sold in excess of  around 700 copies now, it is still very popular in Cornwall.  The story is set on the Isles of Scilly and due to this popularity, I decided to purchase as many copies as I could so that I could sell them myself until such time I found a new home for the book.  I particularly wanted a paperback version because that works for me.  If anyone would like a copy I am happy to post one to you, signed by me, the cost of the book £7.99, incl postage, please ask if you would like one.

I met a lady in Devon last week during my holiday.  She was in the laundry on the campsite and we got chatting and it turned out that her mother was at my book launch last year on the islands.  Another lady I phoned, out of the blue, for bed breakfast told me she has bought a copy of Goodbye, Henrietta Street and had attended  my book signing event on the island of Tresco in 2013.  I have to admit I felt a little bit famous for a few minutes. It was for this reason and the fact I was one of the finalists for the Joan Hessayon Award which has kept me feeling positive.

I really do enjoy being part of a team of authors and prefer to go for mainstream publishing rather than being self published.  I love going out to the people and meeting folks and talking books,  discovering their likes and dislikes in reading.  I am not prepared to sit by the computer and let the book (hopefully) sell itself purely with a digital version.  I feel my own hard work and determination made those sales and I have to keep going. I want the benefit of the experience of a good publisher.

So where did I go next?  What happened when the contract ran out?  I took a long well-deserved holiday and was recommended to write to a few more publishers, names of which sound positive.  I have now submitted to them on a strong recommendation, so perhaps soon I will get some answers.

No matter what the result may be, I have another plan.  Very soon my new novel The Tanglewood Affair will be ready for the final edits and with my colleagues at Cornerstones Literary Consultancy, I have managed to get all the support I could ever wish for.  They have been great and my editor is one of the best, so I am lucky to have found her.  I know she will do a good job and have a lot of confidence in her to help me make this next book a really good one.  After this time, I have another book in progress relating to a romance during World War II.  I shall never stop.  I met author, Tania Crosse, a few weeks ago at Morwellham Quay.  She has written numerous books and if it wasn’t for her husband’s support and the fact that he submitted her book to Harper Collins without her knowledge, she might have still been thinking she was a hobby writer and nothing more.  Life has a habit of knocking you down and then handing you a cheque when you least expect it.  I enjoyed meeting Tania she was very inspirational and gave me a lot of hope for the future.

Another change of plan, I hope to move house within the next 9 months, possibly even sooner if I can find the right house.  I want to live in Devon I have found it to be a perfect retreat for an author.  After all, the journey to Penzance from Okehampton is only 1.5 hours and then a trip over the sea to Scilly.  I can go to London easily for conferences and also anywhere in the country to help me improve on my writing abilities.  I am so looking forward to leaving Holland and meeting with my writing friends.  Holland holds no opportunities for me and the sooner I have moved, the better.  I am only there because of my husband’s job.  So things are changing – oh yes, and I look forward with gusto to a new life as an author in the future.

Please do comment and I will reply – no photos this time, but I will keep you informed how it all turns out.







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