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After a long break/UPDATE Nov. 2018

After a long wait with the NHS, I finally had a new hip and four weeks on, doing well. It takes a lot of effort to get out of bed in the mornings but each day is a bonus after three years of being in pain.
My new book, The Tanglewood Affair was finally published but unfortunately,  my operation was two weeks earlier than planned and the rush to get the book ready for publication was not well timed.
I do hope you will support me in the coming months with the new novel, although it could be after the new year before I can start the marketing process despite being a little late. Thanks to all for helping me get through all this.

TTA front cover lower res.
It’s been a while since I used my blog page, but I am sure you will forgive me when I tell you why.

In 2015 I moved back to the UK from Holland. It took me quite a while, after spending 15 years in The Netherlands, to learn how to be British again.  My husband was unable to follow me to the new house as he wasn’t due to retire until Christmas of that year.  When we finally became a family again, we had a host of renovations to undertake. It was worth it, but my writing time was taken up with building work and gardening.  After about 18 months I discovered I had osteoarthritis and in 2017 I attended many hospital appointments with very painful limbs.

Writing a novel in between so much activity presented me with a few dilemmas.  However, I was able to carry on regardless, although more slowly than I was used to, and with the help of Silverwood Books, I pushed the novel into the next stage.  My colleagues at the Exeter Chapter of the Romantic Novelists’ Association supported me with feedback and without their support and motivation I don’t think I would have got this far.

Finally, The Tanglewood Affair has a cover and will be available on Amazon in September 2018. This is an unusual novel set in 1976 around the time of the famous drought and  a long hot summer. Slight deja vu?

Lord Augustus Hannings has disappeared, following the
drowning of his wife in the lake at Tanglewood Farm.
Ten years on in 1976, a young woman, Jess Stamp, rents
a room at the farm, living alongside the other residents, who are
known as ‘The Household Cavalry.’ Jess is drawn into an
unlikely alliance with the herdsman, and together they set
out to solve the mystery of her landlady Connie’s clandestine
lifestyle and the disappearance of her wealthy cousin, Lord
Caught up in a world of intrigue and secrets, cults and
romance, can Jess survive at the farm amidst all the uncertainties
surrounding her?

I hope you will enjoy reading this book.  Keep an eye on Amazon and don’t forget to read my first novel Goodbye Henrietta Street whilst you are waiting.




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