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Lin Treadgold  studied a creative writing course with the University of Leeds, but due to running a business full time she was unable to write a novel. Lin began as a driving instructor and after twelve years of teaching, she moved on  to a higher training course to train the instructors and spent 25 years mentoring and teaching. After several years working in the north east of England, she retired early from her teaching job and moved to The Netherlands to join her husband for his work. Eventually, with more time to spare, she began to write stories and poetry but never thought that one day she could be a published author. After early retirement she had the opportunity to write that all-important book which had been sitting in a cupboard, handwritten, and forlorn.  Lin now has three other books in progress and her second novel, The Tanglewood Affair is due for publication in August 2018 with a further work in progress ‘Harold The Good Soldier.’ a wartime story inspired by WWII letters from a prisoner of war camp.

Lin now lives in Devon and is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association.  She is the group organiser and is always happy to see new members in the group.  Please contact lin.treadgold@yahoo.co.uk, if you are a writer in the Devon and Cornwall district and can attend the monthly meetings in Exeter.

GOODBYE HENRIETTA STREET 2nd edition published by Silverwood Books.

‘Goodbye Henrietta Street’ is set in Whitby in Yorkshire and on the Isles of Scilly in Cornwall. When Pippa Lambton leaves her estranged husband and her home for the islands to find respite from a sad loss,  she discovers more than she bargained for. Her life is turned upside down again, but this time she has Sven on her side, and perhaps  the man she met at the cemetery, back home, was right. ‘Maybe you’ll find direction around the corner where it’s been waiting to meet you.’  he’d said. Pippa is now faced with a dilemma  and what  happened  to her husband and friends whilst she was away?

The story twists around the scenery and romance of The Isles of Scilly in Cornwall.  .  Update:  This book is  now available on Amazon with the revised edition from March 2015.

5 responses to “About Lin Treadgold

  1. Cuz Peter

    Hi Lin – didn’t remember that you are younger than i b a couple of years!! Listened to your Radio Scilly program. Thx for sending the link.

  2. Mike Stevens

    Hi Lin, I just swung by to learn more about you; wow, The Netherlands, huh? Isn’t it amazing that here we are, thousands of miles apart, and yet we can talk like it’s no problem! You know, you talked about being too busy to write, but with me, I never even thought about writing, until having my head caved in in a car accident forced me to slow down. I’ve always been a creative person, but now my voice is messed up, so I can’t sing in a heavy metal band, and I guess writing has taken its place. I know next-to-nothing about doing it well, but I guess you could say I’m a work in progress!

  3. Hi Mike
    In view of your circumstances it is important to have a writing ‘friend’. Writing is a lonely occupation, believe me I know with living in a country with a foreign language and especially as I live out in the sticks. Any time you want to bounce off your ideas I would be happy to help you get started. I always remind myself that I was there once. You are doing well so far. May I suggest you read lots of books about ‘How to Write’ Don’t expect it to go in all at once, these books are a reference to improving your writing skills.Also read lots of novels from authors you admire and then move out of your comfort zone to the one’s you’ve never heard of and compare the difference. Be critical. When writing I would advise anyone to’ free write’ first and fix it later.(Discovery learning takes longer but goes in better) Many authors plan their story, but it’s all a case of personal choice. You can learn so much more by using your text as a kind of jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces have to fit perfectly, otherwise the whole picture doesn’t work. I wish you every success.

  4. Janice cairns

    Really enjoyed Mike’s letter and Lin’s reply.

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